Steady development, Zhuhai RemaxAsia Expo 2014 prospect

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Remax Asia Expo will be start on16th-18th October, in Zhuhai.

During this 3-day, there are about 10 thousand professional visitor from 80 countries and districts all over the world, and about 400 enterprise from 25 countries and districts.

Before Expo, EINMAY introduce exhibition room first to you, and make a research for hot topics in the current market.

toner cartridge chip exhibition room
↑↑ Toner cartridge chip exhibition room

In toner market, I believe that many people not only care about price, also quality, stability of product. In many factors, which affect quality and stability for recycle consumable, toner cartridge chip limit to recycle factories mostly. Toner cartridge chip as a key aspects, it become the top priority of recycle toner quality.

toner chip
↑↑ Toner chip

According to the current market feedback, almost toner cartridge chip factories indicate that they main markets are Hp, Canon, and Epson. Although Samsung laser printer products grow up quickly, there is very strict technology on Samsung toner cartridge chip, also Samsung toner cartridge chip firmware updates always, so cost will be increase. So, many toner cartridge chip factories can’t develop chip under the condition of no clear market demand completely. Even some toner chip factories said: we cant product Samsung color toner cartridge chip.

all brands of toner cartridge chip
↑↑ All brands of toner cartridge chip

Also, some other toner cartridge chip factories said: no matter hp, canon, Epson, when new products come into the market, they need to observe product sales. If sell well, also there are recycle supplier to order toner cartridge, then toner cartridge chip factories will start to develop chip, and toner chip development time is about 3 months.

Einmay, continuously developed in the past few years, and get patent technology, and Einmay promise as follows:

1.Einmay produce toner cartridge chip with patent technology and price is lower, compatibility is better than other competitors.

2.Einmay toner chip defective rate is lower than 0.3%, also we will free to 1:1 replace new good toner cartridge for you if any quality defective.

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