Instruction Manual for Minolta Bizhub C452 IU Black chips

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How to instruction Manual for Minolta Bizhub C452/C552/C652 IU Black chips

New Toner Chip for Minolta C654
  1. 1. Open the front door and take out the waste toner box by pressing on the directions that the arrows shows on photo, and display the black UI, witch is located the firsts on starting to count from the right, it is the bigger one.

  1. 2. Looking at the front, unscrew the big screw, see at the following photo for located it. Not possible to fall, it is just for ensure the UI is not moving anymore inside the machine..
New Toner Chip for Minolta C654

New Toner Chip for Minolta C654
  1. 3. Next step is slide the image unit out by the holder, till the end.

  1. 4. Once out, it can’t drop, guides are holding the kit, take easy.
New Toner Chip for Minolta C654

New Toner Chip for Minolta C654
  1. 5. Now we have to separate the drum unit from the developing unit, it is easy to do but please be very carefull, not to damage the opc surface of the drum. Look it on the direction of the photo and with the two hands at same time take out the drum while pressing with your fingers. Note that drum unit is not leaved, just lift it.

  1. 6. Once drum unit is out only developer unit will be hanged on the rails, as the photo.
New Toner Chip for Minolta C654

New Toner Chip for Minolta C654
  1. 7. Located the chips on the drum unit and replace for a new chip.

  1. 8. Job done, now we need to install again the drum unit over the developer unit, reverse action from step 5,
New Toner Chip for Minolta C654

  1. 9. Ensure that it is properly fit, and push inside the machine again the black image unit till the end, then you can screw again it to the machine and then reinstall the water toner box back by pressing inside strong until it get armed for end our work.
  1. 10. Close the front cover, wait until machine recognizes new chips, will reset the full lifecycle and will make an stabilization process as a new drum unit installed.
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