How to make a distinction between good and bad toner consumable?

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distinction between good and bad toner consumable

In the current market, there are three kinds of main sources for toner chip, toner cartridge, toner powder, ink and other consumables:

1, OEM consumable suppliers
2, Manufacturers produce compatible toner cartridge, with own brand
3, All kinds of fake OEM ink cartridge, and compatible ink cartridge with recycle empty toner cartridge

According to authoritative statistics, there are large fake and inferior printer consumables, especially hot selling toner cartridge and ink cartridge. More than 30% is fake and inferior products.

No matter OEM printer consumable or compatible new printer consumable, to some extent, they meet different quality demand for different customers. The most harmful is that recycled and processed fake, inferior printer consumables.

Today, Einmay tell you how to make a distinction between good and bad toner consumable:

1. Toner powder.

Excellent toner powder small particles, high efficiency and strong electron-positron adsorption when work with developer roller, so they printing stable and well. Bad toner powder coarse particles, Uneven shape, lower efficiency and strong electron-positron adsorption when work with developer roller, so will waste some toner powder, then these wasted toner powder will be swept into the waste bunker by cleaning blade, toner water bunker will be too full, then caused leakage.

toner powder
2. Ink cartridge.

OEM ink cartridge and superior quality ink cartridge, the ink drop volume change from 3 pl to 1.5 pl, to maximum expanded the color area, to excellent printing result.

compare printing result
↑↑ Compare printing result
3. Toner cartridge.

In general, toner cartridge life is 10 times than ink cartridge. Some brands use integrated design to save production cost, but increase use cost for users. But toner cartridge with technology toner drum separate, Make full use of toner cartridge life, and save cost.

4. Machine stability.

5.Refilling, sealing and other processes in the completely to make sure consumable quality, to make sure consumable quality. Some low quality toner cartridge and ink cartridge, refilling when tightness low, it will cause large toner powder leakage, pollution parts, easy to jam, damage motors, gears, fuser, toner cartridge and other parts.

machine stability
↑↑ Bad quality toner cartridge, toner leakage, so temperature sensor damaged, and Burned fixing assembly.

↑↑ Poor toner powder, poor mobility, easy to agglomerate, causing gear broken, damaged motor.

printing quality
↑↑ Bad quality toner powder, reduce printing quality.

It is important for buyer is to get good price on single product. But it is more important for buyer is comprehensive printing costs, especially for large demand and High-end buyers. Comprehensive printing costs including single product cost, time cost, efficiency, maintenance services and use experience.

Therefore, Einmay suggest:

When you buy compatible new toner consumable, should try to avoid dropping into the cheap trap made by bad quality suppliers. It is a trivial job to purchase toner cartridge, consumers should pay attention to the single product cost, also take into account the comprehensive printing costs. Please don’t go for lower price only, and ignore the product quality and service.

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