Canon Upper Fuser Roller, Lower Sleeved Roller

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For use in  Canon
CANON NP-1215/1015 Upper Fuser Roller FA5-1916-000
CANON NP-1215/1015 Lower Sleeved Roller FA6-3921-000
CANON NP-6025/6030/6330 Upper Fuser Roller FB1-7956-000
CANON NP-6025/6030/6035 Lower Sleeved Roller FB1-7957-000
CANON NP-6260 Upper Fuser Roller FB4-3690-000
CANON NP-6050/6045/6350 Upper Fuser Roller FB2-7200-000
CANON NP-6045/6050/6450 Lower Sleeved Roller FB2-7121-000
CANON GP215 Fuser Fixing Film FB2-2282-000
CANON GP335/405 Upper Fuser Roller FB5-0289-020
CANON GP315/GP335/GP405 Lower Sleeved Roller FB4-2867-000
CANON iR1210/1230/1310/1370F Lower Sleeved Roller RF5-2601-000
CANON iR1600/iR2000 Upper Fuser Roller FB5-8132-010
CANON iR1600/iR2000 Lower Sleeved Roller FB6-1549-000
CANON iR2200/iR2800/iR3300 Lower Sleeved Roller FB5-4942-000
CANON iR2016/iR2020 Lower Sleeved Roller FC6-4453-000
CANON iR2270/iR2870 Lower Sleeved Roller FC6-2942-000
CANON iR3570/iR4570 Lower Sleeved Roller FC6-7207-000
CANON iR1018/1019J/1022if/1023if Lower Sleeved Roller FC6-7482-000
CANON iR2120j/2120s/2116j Lower Sleeved Roller FC6-4453-000
CANON iR2520/2525/2530 Lower Sleeved Roller FC7-0242-000
CANON iR3025 Lower Sleeved Roller FC7-0242-000
CANON iR3030/iR3035/iR3045 Lower Sleeved Roller FC5-7245-000
CANON iR C3100 Upper Sleeved Roller FC5-0726-000
CANON iR C3100 Lower Sleeved Roller FC5-0727-000
CANON iR C3200 Upper Sleeved Roller FB6-3641-000
CANON iR C3200 Lower Sleeved Roller FB6-3653-000
CANON iRC2880/iRC3380 Lower Sleeved Roller FC7-6981-000
CANON iR550/iR600/GP605 Upper Fuser Roller FB2-7200-000
CANON iR550/iR600/GP605 Lower Sleeved Roller FB4-2220-000
CANON iR5000/iR6000 Upper Fuser Roller FB4-3639-000
CANON iR5000/iR6000 Lower Sleeved Roller FB5-3619-000
CANON iR5570/iR6570 Upper Fuser Roller FC6-3566-000
CANON iR5570/iR6570 Lower Sleeved Roller FC6-3838-000
CANON iR7200/8500 Upper Fuser Roller FB5-6930-000
CANON iR8500 Lower Sleeved Roller FB5-6952-000
CANON iR5055/iR5065/iR5075 Upper Fuser Roller FC7-4276-000
CANON iR5055/iR5065/iR5075 Lower Sleeved Roller FC6-3838-000    FC7-4237-000

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